In Computing, we use the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) curriculum to ensure that our pupils are offered a progressive curriculum, where skills are revisited, developed and extended year on year. Units are carefully scaffolded to develop technical programming skills, an understanding of computer systems and networks as well as the ability to present information or create media. Teacher’s subject knowledge and confidence is supported through the teaching resources and guides which run alongside each unit plan. Lessons are amended and adapted to tailor learning to pupil needs; ensuring children are supported to keep up with learning within all units.

“Nine in 10 organisations across Great Britain currently lack digital skills.”                       

   Open University report ‘Bridging the Digital Demand’

We want to equip children with the technical skills required to access the jobs of the future and to ensure children have the knowledge, skills and understanding to keep themselves safe online.

Our curriculum empowers our pupils to become explorers, creators, problem solvers and inventors with a tool bag of skills which they can apply across a range of devices. Our hands-on practical approach to teaching inspires children to develop a love of and confidence with technology that is often not widely available.

Whilst recognising the benefits that technology brings, children are taught about the risks that the technological world can present. They learn strategies to ensure safe and positive experiences whilst online at an age appropriate level. We follow the The Project EVOLVE toolkit is based on UKCIS framework “Education for a Connected World” to ensure progressive, up to date teaching of Online Safety throughout all year groups.

Two key documents set out our curriculum design for Computing:

  1. Our ‘Computing’ progression map shows the key knowledge and skills that our children should acquire each year, with a clear sequence of learning that builds year on year, across Key Stage 2.
  2. A long-term overview of how we cover key areas such as computer systems and networks, programming, creating media, data and information and online safety

Please see our curriculum plans below.