At St. Margaret’s C.E. Junior School we feel that it is extremely important to develop children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural identities. We have a strong Christian ethos which we believe is reflected in many aspects of school life and embedded in our core Christian values. R.E is a vital element in the schools enhancement of its Christian character.

We believe that Religious Education provides children with opportunities to recognise, affirm and celebrate the gifts and talents they and others have been given and to develop the skills which will enable them to think and question more deeply and lead, ultimately to a greater understanding and appreciation of the Christian faith.

All children have regular RE lessons based on the Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus, looking at a range of faiths.  Due to our Christian heritage, we also follow enhanced modules aimed to increase children’s understanding of Christianity.

Throughout the year, each year group will learn about Christianity and one other major world religion. We are using ‘Understanding Christianity’ as the basis of our resource material for all Christianity units.

By addressing key questions, Understanding Christianity encourages pupils to explore core Bible texts, examine the impact for Christians and consider possible implications. Each unit incorporates the three elements:

  • Making sense of the text – Developing skills of reading and interpretation; understanding how Christians interpret, handle and use biblical texts; making sense of the meanings of texts for Christians
  • Understanding the impact – Examining ways in which Christians respond to biblical texts and teachings, and how they put their beliefs into action in diverse ways within the Christian community and in the world
  • Making connections – Evaluating, reflecting on and connecting the texts and concepts studied, and discerning possible connections between these and pupils’ own lives and ways of understanding the world.

Each unit begins with a ‘way in’ and then offers teaching and learning ideas for each element. The teacher chooses how to weave together the elements, from making sense of the text, through looking at the impact on the world of the Christian, and helping to make connections with the world of the pupil, in order to achieve the outcomes.

St Margaret’s is a place where challenge through questioning is encouraged. Through this we can begin to make sense of the world, the gift of life and the purpose of our own personal lives, within the traditions of the Church of England and in an increasingly secular world. Our world is enriched by a wide and profound diversity of cultures and beliefs. We as human beings are strengthened and empowered by learning from each other. Through RE lessons, children are given the opportunity to articulate clearly and coherently their personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences, while respecting the right of others to differ.