In our school learning is exciting and challenging. Children are encouraged to think for themelves and to develop excellent reasoning skills. We set high expectations then encourage and nurture them so they can reach their goals.

“Learning is a real challenge as well as great fun; teachers encourage you to improve, succeed and achieve your best.”

Georgia & Isabella

We offer a stimulating and rigorous curriculum which provides the children with opportunities to apply their skills and talents in a range of contexts. Our pupils reach high standards in English and mathematics and excel in a wide variety of subjects and other areas, both within the curriculum and beyond.

Please explore our subject pages for curriculum maps, showing our learning intentions.

We believe that enriching activities put children’s learning into context, making it more meaningful. This includes a range of educational visits and visitors, ‘Learning in the Woods’, outdoor education, parent & pupil workshops, various sporting competitions and church events. Our children also have the opportunity to perform at public venues in areas such as music and drama.

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