The process of learning a modern foreign language exposes pupils to valuable cultural, social and educational experiences. Our positive and Christian ethos includes promoting and embracing different cultures.

Learning a language includes cultural elements and promotes positive attitudes towards other languages and cultures. It provides the children with a tool that will enable them to communicate with people from other countries within a multi-cultural society and world.

We aim for children to become more independent as they progress through French at St Margaret’s CE Junior School and encourage them to use their knowledge to communicate with others with confidence. Some units are planned carefully to link to other subjects in order to put French into context and real-life situations.

To ensure progression and immersive learning, we use Language Angels which is tailored to our children’s needs. Language Angels has been designed by language specialists to ensure that children learn a modern foreign language based on the 12 attainment targets and is fully aligned with the National Curriculum. We focus on the ‘Three Pillars of Learning’ (phonics, grammar and vocabulary) to help the children progress through the units by continuously revisiting and consolidating learning.  As pupils move through the units, they increase their knowledge and understanding of French and more grammar is introduced. Pupils will then gradually understand more, say more, understand more of what they read and also be able to write more. From the start, they will be able to ask and answers questions which will become more sophisticated and complex as they develop their knowledge and skills.

Two key documents set out our curriculum design for Modern Foreign Languages:

  1. Our Modern Foreign Languages Progression Map shows the key knowledge and skills that the children will learn and consolidate each year. There is clear sequence and opportunity for learning to be revisited at a higher level and built on.
  2. An overview of each year group’s planned topics, including a summary of the key learning points for each unit.

Please see our curriculum plans below.